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Crew Member General Job Description

Essential Functions / Position Standards

The essential functions and position standards of a crew member are listed below.
Generally, it is necessary for a crew member to be crossed-trained in at least three positions.
Each position does not necessarily exist in every restaurant, and sales volumes dictate which positions will be used and for how long on each shift.
An individual must be able to perform each necessary function satisfactorily.
Wendys will, upon request, provide reasonable accommodation in accordance with the ADA to known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified employee or applicant with a disability, unless doing so would cause Wendys undue hardship.

Runner/Line Coordinator This position is responsible for seeing that all orders (dining room and pick-up window) are assembled correctly within the stated time goals.
The position must be able to reach the condiment stand which typically is 4 ft. high and 3 ft. deep.

Grill This position (i) must turn and press meat on a grill surface that has a temperature of 480° and is 3ft high, (ii) places potatoes in a 350° oven, (iii) is responsible for a visual check of cooked products on the grill to ensure proper quality standards are maintained, (iv) must determine customer orders from order screen on service line or head set, and (v) must pull a platen that is 2ft from the grill surface.
The grill has a depth up to 4 ft and the operator must be able to reach the back.

Fries/Nuggets This position must be able to (i) portion and serve fries and nuggets, (ii) determine customer orders from order screen on service line or head set, (iii) enter the walk-in cooler periodically during each shift to pull cases of fries or nuggets each weighing up to 40 lbs, (iv) cook fries or nuggets in 350° shortening, (v) pick up fry basket from shortening, (vi) hold stationary for 5 seconds to drain, and (vii) empty fry basket into fry bin.

Sandwiches – This position must be able to (i) prepare sandwiches and baked potatoes according to specifications, (ii) determine customer orders from order screen on service line or head set, (iii) reach the back of the sandwich station which is up to 4ft deep, and (iv) reach buns from the bun warmer located over the sandwich station at a height of approximately 59 66 inches.

Drinks This position must be able to (i) portion and serve hot and cold drinks, chili, Frosties and other beverages, and (ii) replenish ice several times during a shift.
A bucket of ice weighs approx. 15 lbs and must be carried several feet.

Register This position must be able to (i) appropriately greet customers, (ii) take and key orders into the register, (iii) quickly and accurately count money, and (iv) complete payment transactions with the customers.
If the register operator is assigned to the Pick-Up Window, the position must perform all transactions above through a window and be able to reach approx. 3-4 feet out the window to a customers car.

Opening Responsibilities This position must be able to (i) carry a case of lettuce from the cooler (approx. 50 lbs and box approx. 3ft long and 2 ft. wide) (ii) chop lettuce or other vegetables, (iii) carry buckets of prepared lettuce in a bucket filled with water to the cooler, (iv) pull various products which may weigh up to 40lbs. from the freezer, (v) prepare and place chili, which weighs up to 40lbs in a pot, on a stove that is 3ft high and 4 ft deep, and (vi) operate a can opener, onion slicer and tomato slicer with two hands.

Pre-Closing Responsibilities This position must be able to (i) clean chili stove and surrounding areas including wall protectors which are approximately 5-7 ft. from the floor, (ii) reach the back of the stove which is 4 ft. deep, (iii) filter all fryers which requires good mobility and use of both hands, (iv) clean restaurants, and (v) restock products which requires good mobility (e.g., bending, reaching, twisting, wiping and carrying).

Closing Responsibilities This position must be able to (i) clean grill and reach to the back of the grill (approx. 4 ft.), (ii) wipe down service line equipment and frosty machine, (iii) use a step stool to wipe down the bun warmers and frosty machine, (iv) scrub all floors, and (v) place chili in a 22 qt. container and move around the restaurant.


Dependability it is critical that crew members arrive to work on time for their scheduled shift.
Job functions are interrelated so absences must be held to a minimum, and call-off procedures are strictly enforced.

Customer Relations crew members must understand and demonstrate good people skills in dealing with customers.
Prompt, friendly, courteous service, delivered with a pleasant attitude is essential.

Cooperation crew members must have a team-work attitude, and be able to contribute to the efficient operation of the shift.
Positive working relationships with all restaurant employees are essential.

Personal Appearance Each crew member is expected to present a neat, well-groomed appearance at all times.
This includes strict adherence to the dress code policy.

Employment Standards

Education/Experience Previous restaurant experience, or combination of education and experience, is helpful but not required.

Position Accountabilities All positions should maintain at rush readiness standards at all times, and be prepared to pick up responsibilities of another position for which they have been cross-trained.