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Support successful logistics operations through movement, loading, unloading, and delivery of product and materials using a wide variety of material handling equipment at highly proficient level (examples: forklift, HiJaw, pallet jack, Switcher). Operate various support systems and equipment to document logistics activity (examples: Inventory management system(s), labeling systems, scanning systems).
Operate simple machinery to support product movement activities (examples: palletizer, pallet wrapper, dock equipment).
Relieve operators in variety of positions to support uninterrupted plant/logistics operations.

Conduct blind receiving process to ensure accurate billing/accountability for loads received. Handle receiving documentation (manifest, bill of lading) in accordance with established procedures.
Load trucks/trailers in accordance with applicable documentation and in correct sequence. Lock loads as applicable to prevent shifting/falling.
Update inventory management system(s) to reflect changes in inventory status.
Build pallets/orders as needed/directed to support successful order fulfillment.

* Ability to proficiently relieve employees in a variety of logistics positions.
* Ability to obtain a Commercial Drivers License.
* Ability to quickly assess the status of logistics processes/systems, take immediate responsibility, take appropriate actions and make appropriate decisions.
* Comprehension of basic safety principles including proper lifting and use of personal protective equipment.Advanced forklift skills (single-wide/double-wide, HiJaw, Cascade).
* Forklift/Pallet Jack certification.
* Minumum High School Diploma or Equivalent preferred.
* Switcher operation certification.
* Rudimentary mechanical skills.
* Complete forms (handwritten and/or computer-based) to document activities/results
* Intermediate math skills.
* Capacity to assess order (pick ticket) and determine an appropriate order configuration on a pallet.
* Thorough understanding of elements contributing to logistics productivity.
* Capacity to assess order building/loading work flow and choose optimum pick/load path.
* Capacity to simultaneously manage multiple processes to support overall system efficiency
* Operation of logistics inventory management system(s)
* Ability to consistently count received product/materials and compare to manifest with a high degree of accuracy
* Ability to consistently load trucks in accordance with documentation with a high degree of accuracy.
* Possess strong communication skills.

CCBCC is an equal employment opportunity employer.