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JOB TITLE: D/C Finance Supervisor


DIVISION: Distribution Services


Updates the Labor Management Model.

Ad hoc cost analysis and special projects as assigned.

Supervises the budget process and non-payroll expenses for the facility. Initiates contact with new potential suppliers and obtains quotes. Directs and coordinates activities of associates engaged in Oracle functions. Communicates with current suppliers regarding quality, quantity, timeliness of supplies.

Major Areas of Responsibility

Performs ongoing analysis of all expenses versus budget for the Distribution Center. Ensures expense purchases are charged to the proper accounts and researches discrepancies.

Supervises ES Data Entry, all Oracle IProcurement functions including supply inventory, preparation of expense and production/OPH reports, and various production reports as needed.

Generates Oracle Purchase Orders, deals with vendors, and follows up with vendors regarding product/service concerns and payment issues.

Prepares various financial and production-related reports as required for the DC and for Home Office Finance, including budgets, monthly accruals, forecasts, and journal entries.

Contacts vendors for bids to get competitive pricing, tests new products, initiates cost control programs, recycling programs and green initiatives.

Describe the kinds of decisions made by the incumbent (e.g., hire/fire, technical decisions, markdowns, merchandise pricing/selection). Also, specify what recommendations are referred to the next level of management or others for approval.

Recognizes cost savings opportunities to support the business and achieve optimal results.

Incorporates at the big picture perspective for financial reporting.


Escalates issues to Manager.

Decisions associated with associate training, development, and discipline.

Minimum formal education, if any, required to perform this job e.g., Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Law Degree).

Bachelor’s degree in business-related field or equivalent experience.

Minimum job skills required to perform this job (for example: programming languages, strong interpersonal skills, computer software packages).

Proficiency in Excel, Word, Inotes, Lotus Notes, Access.

Excellent organizational and communication skills.

Knowledge of distribution center operations.

Strong analytical skills.

Minimum experience required to perform this job.

Minimum 3 years experience, preferably in a distribution center.

Supervisor experience preferred.

List specific jobs which could prepare an individual for this job.

DC Supervisor Accountant

Expense Coordinator

Financial Analyst