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OVERVIEW: Bags Inc. is looking for Baggage Service Office Supervisor in the MCO International Airport. The Baggage Service Office provides immediate assistance to customers whose baggage is mishandled by tracing and reuniting customers with their belongings.

The BSO Supervisor will work in the BSO office at the airport to manage Baggage Service Representatives and ensure they are effectively working with customers to assist them with their delayed, damaged or pilfered baggage. The BSO Supervisor must be empathetic and helpful to customers who have been separated from their belongings and must be resourceful when searching for valuable items or assisting a customer replace his/her damaged items. Bags Inc. is the Baggage Service Office provider for a major airline carrier at the MCO International Airport. This commercial airline provides passenger and cargo transportation throughout North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Supervise Baggage Service Representatives

Provide First Class Service to guests, clients, and employees

Supervise policies and procedures for Priority Parcel Service packages

Supervise the Lost & Found/Left on Board items process for the airline at the Baggage Service Office

Be knowledgeable of all aspects of the operation and continually ensure that operational goals are being met

Provide employee feedback and promote a positive work environment that fosters teamwork


Airline industry experience preferred

BSO experience preferred

2 to 3 years of customer service experience

Minimum 2 years management experience

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Proficient computer skills and attention to detail

Ability to work afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays

Our ideal candidate has similar work experience and is customer service oriented with the ability to multi-task. As a leading service provider, we commonly introduce cutting edge technologies into the organization, which drives the need for challenge seekers interested in mastering new skills. In addition, we often work in team environments where strong organizational and communication skills lead to success.


Orlando International Airport , Orlando, Florida, United States of America