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I. Technical Skills: The Assistant Property Manager assists the Property Manager in maximizing the potential of the asset and staff through applying practical technical skills that match or exceed the Companys standards for excellence.

A. Knowledge & Career Performance
1. Increase knowledge, keeps current with relevant changes and new system/approaches by driving self on a personal quest for knowledge.
2. Asks questions, challenges assumptions/seeks assistance appropriate to circumstances
3. Accurate, thorough, attends to detail.
4. Assists the Property Manager in most aspects of operations. Your Property Manager will give you a specific list of additional responsibilities.

B. Pro-Active Planning & Organizing
1. Actively involved in strategic planning for the investment. Provides input for action/strategic plans and assists in leading the team toward implementing timely on-target solutions.
2. Participates in high-quality weekly Staff Meetings and contributes to the success of the meetings by matching the agenda of the meeting with the sites strategic plan and emphasizing solutions to any negative trends. Positive trends and achievements should be celebrated and grown.
3. Meets daily with the Property Manager to ensure on-target planning.
4. Establishes priorities and meets deadlines for self and assists staff in prioritizing and accomplishing measurable results.
5. Organizes, schedules and coordinates work, projects, systems and records effectively.

C. Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
1. Functions well under pressure, assists in creating a spirit of proactive leadership for the team, rather than one of crisis management.
2. Analyzes and evaluates facts and circumstances, makes timely decisions. Develops logical, creative and effective solutions.

D. Use & Control of Resources
1. Follows-through on assignments and delegated tasks in a timely manner. When appropriate, provides encouragement, feedback and guidance to other staff members.
2. Supports the application of training and other resources that the company has provided in order to return or maximize on the investment in staff members. Supports time allowance required for effective new hire and other training.

E. Communication Skills Role Model
1. Listening: Concentrates on material presented, avoids distractions, does not interrupt and resists jumping to conclusions until presentation is complete. Graciously tolerates the individual speakers style of speech.
2. Speaking: Direct and credible, responsive to reactions from listener, uses positive methods of delivering a message or in presenting viewpoint. Leads leasing staff in polished presentations of community.
3. Writing: Organizes thoughts well and presents them clearly; supports statements with data or examples; brief, to-the-point; highlights action/solution items in order to correct any issues.

F. Team Member Support and Guidance Developing Professionals
1. Assists in the recruitment of employees of the highest caliber, when required. Participates in hiring from a proactive, rather than reactive level.
2. Involved in the training and professional development of colleagues as well as yourself. Assists in requiring compliance with policies.
3. Contributes to a motivational atmosphere in the workplace.
4. Provides open, positive, direct feedback to all team members. Provides timely corrective action and if disciplinary action is needed, consults with the Property Manager for assistance.
5. Supports and leads the team in compliance with all OSHA, health, Safety and Fair Housing policies.

G. Customer/Resident Service A Reputation Worthy of Customer Loyalty
1. Is a positive role model of solutions-oriented, responsive service. Supports the skills derived from customer service training for self and encourages application from all other staff members.
2. Displays tact, patience and diplomacy with all customers.
3. Assists in the creation of interesting newsletters, on-target social events and rent collection, remembering that each of these interactions with our residents should be very positive.
4. Assists in move-in, renewals and move-out of our residents to ensure that the process is well organized and once again, a positive experience, (worthy of referral) for our residents.
5. Assists in resolution of resident concerns and through assisting in the renewal program.

H. Financial At Budget or Better and Minimum of 95% Economic Occupancy
1. Assist the Property Manager in the pursuit of opportunities to increase income, decrease expenses or add to the overall value of the community whenever possible.
2. Follow company policies regarding rent collection and resolving delinquency.
3. Deposit all rent in the bank immediately upon receipt.
4. Review all reports/ leases prior to submitting them to the Property Manager for approval.

I. Marketing Leading the Market in Rental Value & Service
1. Be aware of market trends through studying your competitors advertising and strategies and assist the Property Manager in encouraging the staff to stay up-to-date.
2. Assist the Property Manager to ensure that proactive marketing is an integral part of the sites strategic/ action plan.

J. Leasing
1. Ensure that the Leasing office, clubhouse and models present well at all times. (Music, refreshments, cleanliness, etc.).
2. Assist the Property Manager by auditing the model and target apartments for the week randomly and follow-through on any improvements that are needed in a timely manner.
3. Assist in the review of applications and credit reports adhering to company guidelines and policies. Unauthorized specials, deposits, etc, should not be offered or condoned.
4. Assist the Property manager in making sure that the staff is well-trained producing weekly measurable results, and that they are applying training standards on the phone, in-person, with follow-up and all other pertinent areas.
5. Lease apartment homes weekly.

K. Reporting & Record-Keeping
1. Check all reports for accuracy, (that you are responsible for) and submit the reports in a timely fashion.
2. Be sure that you and the staff are using a current Standard Rent Chart and not deviating from the authorized pricing/terms.

L. Preserving the Investment
1. Personally, audits apartment homes, maintenance shops, models, gatehouse, amenities and grounds weekly to assist the Property Manager and to ensure that excellence is visibly demonstrated. Provide feedback and assist in appropriate planning, recording and corrective action.
2. Keep all utilities off in vacant units when possible.
3. Understand emergency procedures and be clear on actions that should be taken if needed. Advise Property Manager of any emergency and/or legally sensitive situations. Assist in reporting all possible insurance claims to the carrier.
4. Assist in creating a strong working partnership with the lead service/technical supervisor in order to maintain excellence in both product and service to residents. Support the maintenance team through encouragement, good communication and updates.
5. Assist in ensuring that make-ready forms are used and that a turn of the highest quality is performed on each apartment before it is released and put on the market.
6. Follow company policy on the processing of all resident service requests. (Residents should be contacted at the very least and request completed if possible within 24 hours). Ensure that residents are receiving service of the highest caliber through personally calling residents, conducting surveys and monitoring feedback, (both written and verbal) from the residents.
7. Assist in the creation of a working partnership with vendors, treating vendors with respect, and a friendly, helpful attitude. Assist in auditing work completed by vendors in order to check the terms of the contract have been carried out and to check the quality of work.
8. Assist in maintaining or securing necessary equipment so that the staff may operate at peak efficiency.
9. Participate in the development and implementation of an effective preventative maintenance program.

II. Professional Skills Development: The Assistant Property Manager establishes a working partnership with the company through applying skills and qualities that build our companys reputation for excellence. In addition, your professional skills will assist in the development of a highly-qualified leasing team.

A. Leadership
1. Consistently exhibit role model behavior that is in-line with company culture and values.
2. Take ownership and responsibility for developing your own professional potential.
a. Through demonstrating a teachable, open spirit.
b. By communicating with a solutions-orientation and with creativity.
c. Participates and supports the creation and implementation of monthly strategic/action plans.
d. Effectively utilizes the Growth Agreement opportunities for self.
e. Minimizing fire-fighting/crisis-management.
f. Understands how to be excellent, what the daily and big picture goals are and that they possess the tools to make it happen.

B. Teamwork
1. Offers concrete, positive help to colleagues and asks for/receives help. Seeks and accepts guidance/constructive criticism in a gracious manner.
2. Able to establish boundaries and promote accountability in a non-provoking manner. Displays a spirit of cooperation, tact, patience and diplomacy.
3. Willing to share recognition and offer encouragement and praise.

C. Role Model of Professional Excellence
1. Displays ownership work ethic and is self-motivated and often self-correcting.
2. Demonstrates absolute integrity and can admit and learn from mistakes.
3. Maintains company policies and career apparel guidelines, displaying a professional, polished presentation of self and communication skills.

D. Partnership with Company
1. Initiates discussions in timely fashion with Property Manager to gain direction/approval as needed or required.
2. Perpetuate positive and practical improvements through:
a. Recognizing why there is a need for change
b. Researching and exploring possible options
c. Drafting a summary of the best solution(s)
d. Presenting the solution for endorsement
e. Being a Change Leader, (willing to implement and lead the change)
3. Utilize and Support the Application of available Resources:
a. Training
b. Professional Tools
c. Administrative Support
d. Vendors
e. Coaching
f. Task force Members/Mentors


* Qualified Assistant Managers will have at least one year of experience on a multifamily community in that role. We offer excellent pay and benefits as well as unparalleled stability and career advancement opportunities


* High School or better


* Communication
* Interpersonal
* Organizational
* Problem Solving


* Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well

See job description