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Communicate with billing software vendors and clearinghouses regarding electronic claims transfers and payments. Support, assist and backup all billing staff in payment posting and reconciliation, and researching outstanding A/R and aged balances. Assist Patient Accounts Manager and Controller with preparation for yearly audit relating to A/R revenue and receivables. Participate in special projects and perform other duties as assigned by the Patient Accounts Manager and Controller. Perform random audit of new admission charts to ensure all paper documents are present and correctly signed. Assist with resolution of patient related issues for patient care staff, team managers, vendors, and supervisors. Verify Medicare/ Medicaid or Commercial policy number and/or social security number for each patient admitted to services of Kansas City Hospice. Verify benefits and obtain authorization to bill if needed. Verify accuracy of input of admissions in computer, updating information as needed. Input Notice of Elections to Medicare and Medicaid. Maintain on-going patient daily census and related summary reports daily. Knowledge of Revenue codes, HCPCS codes, ICD-9 codes, and CPT codes necessary to assist with maintenance information in master files, including pay sources, billing rates, procedure and revenue codes. Assist with other file maintenance information as needed (physicians, location, vendor, and private insurance codes). Organize responsibilities and priorities to ensure timely cash collections of receivables. Accurately submit monthly billing at the close of each month in a timely manner. Reconcile accounts to verify accuracy of billing and reporting for Patient Care Manager and Controller. Summarize reports in Microsoft Excel. Follow up on collections and denials on outstanding accounts, re-submitting invoices when necessary. Follow procedures for billing patients for outstanding co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles or Patient Pay balances. Perform various filing and clerical duties related to billing. Input cash payments, adjustments and enters data in spreadsheet to record cash receipts. Organize and submit all Medicare/Medicaid/Commercial forms as required to ensure reimbursement. Contact nursing homes, insurance case managers, as needed for information. Follow status of Medicaid patients as related to surplus and spend-down issues and dates for re-application by patient. Develop relationships with social workers and enlist their participation when needed. Follow status of Commercial patients as related to authorizations, benefit maximums, and payment of premiums. Work with patient care staff to ensure clinical updates are provided in a timely manner. Run reports as needed prior to billing to verify correct information. Work with Manager of Patient Accounts and Suncoast support staff to resolve any issues relating to billing in the Suncoast system. Answer phone calls and order durable medical equipment for all patients. Accurately enter DME information into computer and maintain working relationship with DME vendors. Notify hospitals of inpatient and respite admission and accurately enter this information into the computer. Notify nursing home when patient is admitted on room and board status. Participate in educational opportunities to ensure most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of government and third-party billing requirements and compliance with regulations: including web-ex, teleconferences, electronic information (e-mail updates) and off-site educational opportunities. Participate in meetings, web-ex’s, teleconferences, training opportunities. Offer support and assistance to other team members, volunteers, and other KCH staff. Use resources efficiently and prudently, i.e. office supplies. Schedule and manage time effectively. Communicate with patients and families, referral sources, insurance case managers, physicians, and other staff members with courtesy, responsiveness and cooperation.