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Perform Warehouse Management System activities to ensure highly accurate accounting of company property (full goods, deposit items, etc.) Coordinate/Manage flow of goods and materials to/from docks to support delivery deadlines of inbound and outbound loads, while maximizing load building productivity. Work with production personnel (where applicable) to support timely delivery of production counts & raw materials. Meticulously maintain appropriate logs/records to fully support inventory position assessments and load building activity, in accordance with Sarbanes/Oxley act.

Key Accountabilities:
* Physical Inventory Count to account for full goods.
* Reconcile inventory to ensure accurate representation of inventory position and identification of waste points.
* Coordinating the release of STOs for building.
* Warehouse Management System maintenance.
* Communicate with sales and operations as needed to ensure high levels of customer service across supply chain.
* Maintain safety and security standards.

* Experience with inventory control and reconciliations.
* Comprehension of basic safety principles including proper lifting and use of personal protective equipment.
* Ability to confidently manage traffic on the property to ensure the correct asset is at the correct dock at the correct time.
* Intermediate computer skills, PC experience primarily with Windows 95 and Excel.
* Thorough understanding of computer based Warehouse Management System or SAP modules.
* Stack product.
* Read and Follow written SOPs or instructions.
* Complete documentation (handwritten and/or computer-based) to document activities/results with a high degree of accuracy/consistency.
* Ability to competently organize/manage vast amounts of paper and electronic information related to warehouse inventory activities.
* Follow verbal instructions.
* Intermediate math skills.
* Expert level skill level in operation of logistics inventory management system(s).
* Ability to consistently count received product/materials and compare to manifest with a high degree of accuracy.
* Possess very strong communication skills.
* Customer management.
* Accountability at check-in.
* Ability to influence up to address reporting/accounting deficiencies.
* Ability to work closely with Internal Audit.
* Advanced investigative/research skills to identify and correct inventory discrepancies in a very complex environment with multiple streams of information in a potentially high-pressure environment.
* Thorough understanding of elements contributing to logistics productivity.

CCBCC is an equal employment opportunity employer.