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Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Provide an age appropriate learning environment that allows for individual differences; promote and encourage a positive and nurturing learning environment; use the Creative Curriculum to guide the creation of the learning environment. Plan and prepare weekly lessons; identify and select instructional supplies and provide instruction to students. Implement developmentally appropriate activities and strategies which support the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of preschool children. Establish and maintain an attractive, clean, safe and functional environment that supports and respects each child’s gender, culture, language and ethnicity. Create, organize and maintain instructional materials and supplies; rotate classroom materials routinely. Plan, train, assess, and direct the work of teacher assistants, substitutes, and classroom volunteers. Observe, document and assess the developmental level of each child. Use appropriate tools and information from parents, staff and professionals to create an individualized plan for each enrolled child. Implement children’s Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P) goals. Prepare reports and monitor the ongoing progress of each individual child on an ongoing basis. At least two times per year conduct parent teacher conferences for each child. Communicate with parents the educational and social progress of children. Plan and conduct two educational home visits per child to support the developmental level of each child and the engagement of parents in their child’s education. Plan and prepare individualized activities for each child and their parent to complete at home as an extension to the weekly lesson plans; document on in-kind form. Accurately prepare, maintain and timely submit required paper work including child’s portfolio assessment data, work and records, anecdotal notes based on assessment criteria done on a weekly basis, attendance sheets, incident reports, in-kind forms, lesson plans, etc. Articulate children’s progress and/or problems/concerns in a timely manner to the Center Specialist and ensure cooperation, collaboration and assistance in best meeting children’s needs. Assist with the recruitment of eligible children as requested. Other duties and responsibilities as directed by supervisor.