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Before you begin, please note special application instructions below. Morgan

Application Instructions:
* Click the link below to complete our pre-employment assessment (approximately 30 minutes or less).


* After completing the pre-employment assessment, come back to this job posting and click the Apply button to complete our online application where you can also submit a resume.

* After completing your online application, your pre-employment assessment results and application/resume will be more thoroughly reviewed and you may be contacted for a personal interview.

Corporation is the largest manufacturer of medium duty freight van bodies and refrigerated truck bodies in the U.S.
Joining the Morgan team means being part of a growing company with huge rewards for your career.
We pride ourselves in team member development, performance recognition and a culture of diversity and respect.

Welder duties and responsibilities :

Duties and responsibilities of skilled and unskilled welders differ as per their expertise levels. In general, the duties and responsibilities of a welder are:
* Welding metals in whichever way the customer or employer requires.
* Ensuring high safety measures while working such as donning protective gear for the face and body.
* Senior welders will have to supervise welding operations of junior welders .
* Operating heavy equipment such as industrial saws .
* Being aware of the different methods of welding and being able to successfully pass the company. certification for all welding applications it certifies on.
* Examining the equipment after welding and advising maintenance of defects .
* Planning/set up of welding operations before beginning.
* Read blueprints and weld according to the plan.
* May have to train junior and entry level welders.
* Can demonstrate knowledge of all welding symbols.

Welder skills and specifications :

The skills and specifications required for the job of a welder are:
* A thorough knowledge about welding methods and symbols.
* A thorough knowledge about safety precautions while working.
* Ability to read blueprints and understand instructions.
* Ability to analyze work at hand and execute welding procedure per training certifications.
* Good decision making skills.
* Ability to work in heat and smoke.
* Must pass medical questionnaire.
* Must be able to finish work within given takt time

Welder education and qualifications :

A high school diploma, along with a vocational course in welding, or previous welding training will assist in being able to get certified in the 6 company welding applications. Compensation is commensurate on level of proficiency when taking welding test for certification.