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Administrative Assistant (Seasonal) of an Exceptional Supportive CPA Firm
You would be working in a growing, North Houston area CPA firm, with a very pleasant friendly atmosphere. Though taxes and accounting are the main focus of the business, there are also various other things we do. To say you would have variety could possibly be an understatement. You would be needed to answer the phones, assist the clients and help keep me organized! You would never be asked to do anything that I havent done, am
already doing or willing to do myself.
This person WILL work directly with clients from the start, and your attitude toward the clients should indicate that you actually „enjoy“ working with them.
Remember this is a service business, we are here to serve them!
This person is the kind of person that finds something to do (to help the business, of course) even when „there isn’t anything else to do.“ The first time I hear, „but this isn’t my job“ – you might be right – it might not be your job any longer.

Thrives in a Customer Service and High Pace Environment
Commitment to Excellence
Compassionate, Understanding, & Direct

Ability to Communicate effectively with management, prospects, clients, and solicitors
Proficient in administrative, office and some basic accounting skills,
Attention to Detail and Organizational Skills, extremely important

If it sounds great so far, here is what you need to do:
1. Send your resume along with the response to this ad.
Include a brief cover letter (it does not have to be formal) that tells me why you are the most qualified person for this job.
What can you tell me about yourself that will make me jump up and down with excitement because I am so excited about what you are going to bring to our firm?

2. Though no one likes this topic, please do give me some kind of idea of what you might need to make for this to work. Unfortunately, if you don’t give an indication of how much money you need to make in this job – I might have to put you at the bottom of the pile, which might result in not getting a call. I don’t mean to be this way – but I am so busy (hence the help needed yesterday), that I would have to give priority to those that met this requirement.
3. Feel free to include any questions you have, or any requirements of yours that you feel are necessary to bring to my attention. Remember – this is not a typical „job“ – so it is okay to say, „I would love to come work for you, but I am going on vacation next week.“ Communication and openness are VERY important to me, and it must be established from the start.
Thank you so much for your consideration, and for reading my very wordy ad. I wanted to make sure you had all the information you would need to give this consideration. Remember – please apply now – you could start as early as tomorrow, if there is someone out there that is ready and a right fit!!