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Union Gospel Mission of Dallas (UGM, Mission), a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Dallas, Texas, is seeking qualified candidates to assist and instruct Hospitality Industry certification courses within our Vocational Training Department located at our Sovereign Center for Homeless Advancement in West Dallas.
Candidates may be asked to provide instruction on any of UGMs hospitality-related vocational training courses such as Guestroom Attendant, Maintenance Employee, and Front Desk Representative.
Instructors may be asked to cover non-hospitality courses as needed.
1. Facilitation of Learning. Plan, prepare and deliver instruction and facilitate the learning of students. Assess the learning outcomes of students.
2. Classroom Management. Fulfill assigned schedule, maintain accurate student attendance and grade records, maintain instructional environment with emphasis on safety, housekeeping, and equipment security, and ensure opportunities for student/participant evaluation.
3. Interpersonal/Team Skills.
Participate in activities of the instructional team, including planning, development, scheduling, and budgeting as a cooperative and professional team player.
4. Student Support and Guidance.
Support students as a mentor and role model in the achievement of their learning and career goals.
5. Meet American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute professional certification requirements for each hospitality industry discipline.
6. (If applicable) Curriculum Development.
Develop, revise, and continually update curriculum and instructional materials which are competency-based, current, consistent with employer expectations, and aligned with the Missions policies.
1. College-education and/or 3-5 years of equivalent work experience (Prefer Bachelors or Associates degree in Education, Communication, or related areas).
2. Skill in communication and human relations with student populations having diverse socio-economic and racial backgrounds.
3. Proficiency in computer use and applications which support teaching and learning.
4. An educational philosophy which places the primary emphasis on faith-based student learning in the design, delivery, and evaluation of courses.

5. An ability to adapt teaching techniques to match the needs of the students is preferred.
No Walk-In and Call-In applicants are accepted.
No relocation assistance provided.
Type: Part-Time or Full-Time
Anticipated Placement: