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Small innovative robotics and automation software company.
Proprietors of a general purpose software platform that we license and use to build robotics and automation applications for customers.
Particular expertise in automated/autonomous vehicles and transportation related automation applications.
Building a highly motivated professional engineering organization to deliver groundbreaking solutions and have a significant impact on the robotics industry.

Education and Experience:
BS in Systems Engineering or equivalent (e.g. mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering)
Minimum of 3 years experience employed as a systems engineer, 5 years or more preferred
Experience in robotic systems development and operation preferred
Experience in automotive systems development and operations a plus
Required Skills:
Ability to communicate and work with engineers of various disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and computer science
Ability to communicate and work with technician and mechanic resources
Ability to communicate and work with business focused resources including sales, marketing, and executive resources
Ability to understand and apply business requirements such as cost and time constraints in the design and implementation processes
Ability to document requirements based on inputs from various internal (business and technical) as well as external (customer, marketplace) inputs
Ability to lead cross functional team
Ability to create clear and concise reports detailing project status
Ability to write and review product documentation
Ability to participate in the vendor management and procurement process
Ability to understand new technologies including but not limited to existing and emerging sensor technologies (LiDAR, Camera, GPS, IMU, etc.) and automotive technologies (ADAS, CAN bus, etc.)
A full understanding of integrating, testing, evaluating and modifying systems is required
Understanding of control systems
Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee the design, development, and implementation of company and clients specific robotic systems needs
Manage the process of assigning tasks to appropriate resources based on skills required for completing the task
Identify and resolve project bottlenecks
Participate in selecting appropriate vendors and service providers to assist in projects
Participate in the hiring process for additional engineering, functional, and business resources
Work with external organizations to manage outsourced aspects of project work
Create operational protocols for use of robotics systems
Oversee documentation efforts for robotics systems
Oversee testing process starting with test case development, active testing, and documentation of testing results. This duty involves ensuring that the engineering and testing resources are working together effectively and proper communications are occurring between all parties.
Work with software and hardware engineers to develop appropriate control and safety systems based on requirements
Creating reports that are thorough, detailed, and able to be comprehended by clients is an essential duty. This is akin to the common saying that you must know your field so well you could explain it to a five-year-old.
Similarly, because clients will not always be able to express what they need in engineering-grade detail, the engineer must be able to translate between needs and actual applications.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the engineer must be able to teach the system to those who need to learn it (and often organizations will request manuals so that they do not need to constantly consult the engineer).